Traces are presented as an xml file, more specifically as an routes input file for SUMO simulation (schema definition).

Every individual trace is assigned to a predefined vehicle and has following attributes:

See more information about routes in SUMO simulation.

The route itself is a sequence of edges from .net.xml file (schema definition).

See more about SUMO network presentation.

Example of .rou.xml file:

  <vehicle id="_h0_1" type="306" depart="0.0" 
           departLane="free" departPos="pwagGeneric" departSpeed="max">
    <route edges="95025018 27467064 ... 5122537#3"/>
  <vehicle id="_h0_2" type="cx" depart="0.0" 
    	   departLane="free" departPos="pwagGeneric" departSpeed="max">
    <route edges="75627908#7 75627908#8 ... 26452488#3"/>

All sets of traces use the same vehicle types defined in the beginning of rou.xml file:

 <vType accel="2" color="1,0,0" decel="7" id="porsche" 
	length="4" minGap="2" maxSpeed="50" sigma="0.6"/>
 <vType accel="1.7" color="0.4,1,0.4" decel="6" id="206" 
 	length="4" minGap="2" maxSpeed="40" sigma="0.5"/>
 <vType accel="1.7" color="0.4,0,1" decel="6" id="306" 
 	length="4.5" minGap="2" maxSpeed="40" sigma="0.5"/>
 <vType accel="1.4" color="0.4,0.8,1" decel="6" id="twingo" 
 	length="3.5" minGap="2" maxSpeed="35" sigma="0.8"/>
 <vType accel="1.1" color="0.9,0.9,0.9" decel="5" id="cx" 
 	length="5" minGap="2" maxSpeed="35" sigma="0.5"/>
 <vType accel="1.05" color="0.1,0.1,0.1" decel="4" id="truck" 
 	length="15" minGap="2.5" maxSpeed="30" sigma="0"/>

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